Constantine's Gold Coin 2022

786 films from 78 countries of the world have applied for the festival. The total duration of the films is 90:30:19.
The reported number of countries based on continents is as follows: Europe - 469; Asia - 156; North America - 66; South America - 59; Africa - 28; Australia - 8.
There are 128 films in the competition program, duration 14:20:33.
There are 53 films in the senior category, with a total duration of 7:09:37.
There are 75 films in the student category, with a total duration of 7:10:56.
You can download the results of the selection committee from th

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International colony of animated film 2022

This event will be held for the 16th time in Nis, from July 18-22, 2022. It is planned that the number of participants and lecturers will be identical to last year. The program of the colony will, in addition to the usual activities, also have some novelties. We will subsequently inform all interested parties about the specific details.

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Film Awards

The international festival of animated film "Constantine's Gold Coin" is over. The jury looked at the received films and made the following decision:

Gran prix of the festival
4:00 / France
direction: Paul Bouchart, Stéphanie Hu, Clément Opinel, Juliette Danesi, Camille Fruit

SENIOR category

1. prize
6:15 / France
direction: Suki

2. prize
3:37 / Italy
direction: Paolo Santamaria

3. prize

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International colony of animated film 2021

The 15th International Colony of Animated Film for Children and Youth was held. Participants and lecturers from Bulgaria, BiH - Republika Srpska and Serbia participated. Due to the circumstances caused by the Corona virus, we worked in small groups, in compliance with the prescribed measures.
The topic of the work was riddles and stories that Vuk Karadžić collected, so 10 films made at the colony were shown at the closing.

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Information regarding online projections

The planned screenings of the films of the "Constantine's Gold Coin" festival over the Internet are being postponed. We are still waiting for the answer of the authors or distributors.

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