Our Book

The members of the Animated Film Studio 98, Zoran Stefanović, Slobodan Milošević, Dejan Dabić and Predrag Stamenković, published the book ON WAVES OF ANIMATION in 2006. Since the members of the Studio 98 are at the same time the members of ASIFA (World Association of Animators), they had the obligation to further popularize animation and to transfer their experience to young authors. Issuing of the book ON WAVES OF ANIMATION was an unintentional attempt to show to all the interested parties in animation the possibilities of putting modern technology achievements into practice.

This represents a base for a serious dealing with animation for all the interested parties as well as for other authors.

This book includes historical part that explains the conception of animation, the most important animators and production companies, while the focus is on practical guidelines with concrete examples (for that purpose we issued a storyboard of one of the films produced within the Studio - THE CRAFT OF READING). This book elaborates the basic concepts from the film theory and film esthetics, and therefore, it is very helpful not only to those who deal with the phenomenon of film animation, but to others as well.