Retrospective View on the
Animated Film Studio 98


One of the first animators in our country was Miroljub Stošic, a well-known photographer and filmmaker in the city of Niš from the period within and after World War II. He held the animated layout of his studio, and his venture to make a short animated film about a fisherman and a fish has been preserved up to date. Stošić's camera, which he inherited from his master craftsman Sotir Nedeljković, originates from the Limier brothers from 1896 (ordinal number 335) and it is proudly kept in the archives of Yugoslav Cinema Museum in Belgrade as the most valuable item. The importance of Miroljub Stošić for our film history has not been properly looked upon yet.

Animated Film Studio 98

Animated Film Studio 98, established in Nis in 2001, is the only production house 230 km away from Belgrade that deals with the development of the classic animated film. The activities of this production house include:

  • Cinematographic and video production (inscription in electronic form),
  • Cinematographic and video distribution,
  • Creative work,
  • Advertising and promotion.


The team of authors is diverse and is made up of both young and experienced authors.
Zoran Stefanović, the major animator, has been dealing with film animation for more than two decades. At first, he worked in cooperation with the film animators from "Zastava film" in Belgrade, while later, he started to work independently. Moreover, he went through all the phases in animation, ranging from the standard one-on folio, up to the latest one-on computer.

Slobodan Milošević, who has been dealing with film animation for more than 10 years, handled all the films produced by the Animated Film Studio 98. He is the chief film montage (editor) in the team.

Dejan Dabić is the editor of the Film Program in Niš Culture Center. He was a longstanding editor of the film program on the city of Niš television, on which he had more than hundred broadcasts on film. He is one of the main organizers of the Film Festival of Actors' Achievements in Nis for already 10 years, and he is a member of the national section FIPRESCI, too.

Bratislav - Bata Zlatkovićis in charge of film music. He is the former member of once popular band "Galija"; he is the professional musician and a professor at Niš Art Academy.

Sanja Lazetić has joined the team as a scriptwriter during the project "Constantine the Great". She started to deal with scriptwriting in her early teenage years. She published her narratives in the local periodicals; she is a winner of one "Stevan Sremac" awards in literature.

Dragan Tričković is an actor in Niš Puppet Theater and he has already gained experience in animation work with the puppets and with voice lending.

Marina Živković is a professional painter and she developed the backgrounds for the project in progress, for the long-featured animated film Constantine the Great.

Predrag Stamenković finished Niš Art Academy; up to now, he has successfully cooperated with us within the workshops on the animated films as well as within the work on films for children. He is one of the co-authors on the book called ON WAVES OF ANIMATION.