Second International Colony - 2008

Lasted from 3rd to 10th august 2008 year. Guests of the Colony were Mrs. Anastasia Dimitra, president of the childrens workshop of ASIFA, Mrs. Galina Mescherjakova, movie director and director of school "Korolev" (Moskow-Russia) and Trajanka Blagoeva, director of library "Roden krai" (Sofia-Bulgaria). Participants were children from School for TV and film "Korolev" (Moskow-Russia), with mentor Mrs. Elena Ajrapetova, from library "Roden krai" (Sofia-Bulgaria), with mentor Mrs. Meglena Shamanova , from ŠAF (Vranje-Serbia), with mentors Slaviša and Miroslav Simonovic and from cartoon workshop from Niš. Theme of that film was the Olympic games.