In Nis, from 3rd to 10th August, 2010, was held fourth international children's colony of animated film, organized by the Studio of animated film 98 from Nis and Anima Nis, (under the patronage of the City of Nis and city municipality Pantelej).
The objectives of this colony were:

* to expand the knowledge of the young participants about animation through mentoring and direct contact with the world's best animators,
* to share their experiences with other participants and become familiar with the work, access and artistic works of other authors, directions, and schools to learn through friendship and play the same way
* get acquainted with the culture, tradition and history of Nis, Serbia, upon returning to their communities relate experiences and impressions from this colony.

Fourth International children's colony of animated film was attended by 60 participants, who have in 30 hours, with the help of a guest lecturer (from Russia, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria), made several short animated films on the theme ecology and the climate change. The program of the colony had rich variety of content:

Colin Arthur (England), double Oscar-winner and movie effects specialist, author of many characters from the films "Odyssey 2001 in the Universe", "Conan the Barbarian", "Red Sonya "," Alien"," Never-ending Story "and so on, lectured on the topic of special effects and also practically demonstrated his skills.

Phillipa Timmins (England), representative of the company VICON that manufactures hardware and software for film production, has presented the latest technologies for creating animated films.

Zoran Simjanovic (Serbia), professor from Music Academy in Belgrade and the celebrated author of many musical themes of domestic films, has with a few students from the Music school in Nis done music for a film made in the colony.

In retrospect were played 22 hours of film footage of various schools and guest lecturers. In the trips the participants were introduced to the most important historical monuments and important natural features of Nis and the environment.