SCF Team 98 launched a cartoon workshop for children and adolescents from Niš primary and secondary schools in 2004.


  • History of animated film
  • Animation techiqes
  • Animation objects, people and animals
  • Puppet film
  • Drawing on animation tape
  • Plasticine animation
  • Classic cartoon
  • 3D animation/videp presentation
  • Simplest animation - animation of two drawings
  • Making stroboscope
  • Making zootrope
  • Pocket cinema - animation in a small block
  • Film language
  • Technological process of making cartoons
  • Authors in cartoon
  • Creation of the film - the road from idea to script
  • Development of screenplay
  • Use stifhts, preforated paper and work on the animation table
  • Character design/ visual design and lines
  • Character animation/ focus the image and line of action
  • Animaton steps/ en face stroke, stroke from the back
  • Animaton steps/ stroke in the future, walk in place
  • Animaton steps/ race
  • Action in the cycle
  • Plans staff, layout drawings
  • Speech
  • Development background - scenery
  • Moving background
  • Coloring drawings
  • Computer and scener as a replacement for film camera and mounting table
  • Recording the sound, music selection, finaly assembly

In collabration with several partners from the city, ten continous cycles, to date, throught the workshop passed 300 children (a few there and kept), and from it came 29 short form and animated cartoon. Open cartoon workshop, organised by SCF 98 are part of the accompanying program Film Festival (Meeting) in Niš from 2004. Workshop participants cartoons we make a short animated form on the festival, and guests and visitors can attend the proces work.