Awards of the festival

The jury of the festival "Constantine's gold coin" for MINI, MIDI and MAXI categories included the participants of the international children's colony of animated film from Russia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and from Nis. They made their decision on August 9th 2014 about the following winners:

MINI category:

1st prize - Abracadafart (Jean-Luc Slock / Belgium)
2nd prize - Titanic (VANIMA / Croatia)
3rd prize - The Adventures of Yoyo (Jean-Luc Slock / Belgium).

MIDI category:

1st prize - Ruke (Škola animiranog filma KC Jagodina / Serbia)
2nd prize - Squeekz (Joe Blandamer / Gr.Britain)
3rd prize - Hypnagogic Hallucination (Jean-Luc Slock / Belgium)

MAXI category:

1st prize - Butoyi (Jean-Luc Slock / Belgium)
2nd prize - Alien (FAMU / Czech Republic)
3rd prize - Collectors (Marcel Hobi / Switzerland)

Special mention for a domestic film was given to:
Kosovski boj - (Karlovačka gimnazija / Serbia)

The international jury for SENIOR category includes Zsuzsanna Szabo - Hungary, Katya Rinaldi - Italy and Radenko Ranković - Serbia. They have voted like this:

1st prize - Rabbit and Deer (MOME / Hungary)
2nd prize - Rising Hope (Milen Vitanov / Bulgaria)
3rd prize - My strange grandfather (VGIK / Russia)

The jury has decided to give the special mentions to the following films:

Rabbitland - (Baš čelik / Serbia)
Faded finery - (25 films / France)

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